How does transition affect you?  We all go through transitions in our lives; from infant, to child, to teenage, to young adult, mid-life, retirement, old age, then there is changing schools, moving, a new jobs, losing your job, to getting married, the lost of a love one or close friend, buying your first home, to divorce, to realizing a habit is destroying your life, injuries, losing your home, and then there are those you initiate like: going to the gym, working on your spirituality, eating healthier.  This past year with COVID there was much transition to our every day life. From being isolated, not seeing other peoples faces, to only shopping in one direction in one isle, to being able to drive up and put the groceries in your car, to working at home, not being able to visit those in the hospital, only a few allowed at funerals, and not being able to travel.   Did this year shed light on an area you would like to find more peace and see where it is headed. Then you may wish to obtain a Life Coach.  Some individuals are less affected by transition and seem like they just ease through.  While others seem to get stuck.

When one fines themselves stuck; this is a good reason to find a Life Coach to help you navigate the transition you are going through. This is different than counseling; a Life Coach is more interested in where you are today and what or where do you want to be in the future.  Instead of all the focus on your past.  Did you know there are different types of life coaches for the different transition you are going through (finical, health, child, teenager, young adult, grief, business) . For me I work with individuals (28-75) that just need help to focus on what is causing them to struggle with life or the transition they are going through now. WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK!  I help you reflect on your life now and what would you like it to be in the future. I also include spiritual reflection to guide us during the process. We are a partner and you are the expert in your life. I am there to help you hear your voice. Of what is going on and what can you do to make it more like you desire. You can book a session right from this website.  Or you can email me;

May you transition through life with a breeze but if you find you are stuck I am here.


“It is when we are in transition that we are most alive.”  William Bridges

“When shifts and transitions in life shake you to the core, see that as a sign of greatness that’s about to occur.”   Anonymous

“Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they change it.”  George Carlin

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