Toxic Relationships

Do you feel frustrated, angry, and drained by a relationship? It might be toxic to you. The advice people give is drop the person and stay away, Or Respect, Love, and Forgive. What is best? That is a choice you need to make as long as you are safe. When deciding what is best for you don’t make a fast decision to change anything with the relationship. You may decide a combination of these two is what is best for you. First; we don’t know what is going on in someone else. One thing we do know is when we as humans are hurting we usually hurt others, even when that was not our intention. Second; you can only change yourself. Only if they choose to change will they change. If you are in this situation a #LifeCoach can help you decide the steps that are right for you. Whether you decided to stay or go, forgiving someone is beneficial to you. Forgiving helps you let go of the hurt and pain, so you may move on. Remember that if you are using statements like always, never, all or none chances are these statements are false and will cause you more pain and keep your focus on the negative. Try to think of times when the statement is false will help us see a different side of the person. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that there should not be consequences – like going to jail, or losing you, or repay debt. It means you are forgetting the action and new start. What the new start looks like is your choice.  Remember, we all make mistakes and at times are not at our best.  When you focus on you and your choices then you will be headed in a more positive direction.

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