Sad! Ever think of the number of people dying of unintentional drug overdose

Today!  As we begin a new month I wanted you to know some sad facts.

One person in the U.S. dies of an unintentional drug overdose every 21 minutes.  Each day 46 people die of an overdose of opioids.  In 2019 70,630 Americans died of drug overdose.  

Are you a friend or relative of someone who is using legal or illegal drugs?  You are the person that could benefit from talking with me as a life coach.

If your co-worker is using drugs or alcohol and you are thinking it is not healthy.  Please let them know your are concern about them.  It is the silence that lets them continue to think it isn’t effecting them or that it doesn’t matter.   By speaking up you may just be the seed that gets them to look for help.  It lets them know someone cares.  Try to present the topic in a friendly caring mater of fact conversation.

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