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About Me

I have overcome many challenges in my life so I will understand yours, here is some information about me.  I was born in Rochester, New York.  We moved to Merritt Island, FL and I graduated from Merritt Island High School.  After graduation I joined the Army. I had a horrific auto accident which caused facial impact and a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This caused me to lose the memory before the accident. The TBI caused me to get dizzy and black out and awake with severe headaches.

Rick and I meet in the service, and we got married. Our first pregnancy we were so excited. However, about 4 months along I miscarried the baby. I felt empty; it was awful.               Army life allows you to move a lot and start again. With a spouse that drinks you believe that this time it will be better.  It was helpful to me to have a church family.

One day, I went and obtained help from a suggestion of a friend; that was the beginning of myself turning around from a person who could not look anyone in the eye.   It was life changing, from a person who was self-loathing to one of self-worth.  It took time and hard work at looking at things different, accepting my mistakes and good qualities.

Getting a degree was hard, though I persevered and obtained my BA degree, from Mount Marty College, Yankton, SD in Behavioral Science.

It was a shock when Rick passed away, and I felt half of me was gone. Decided to return to Florida, after My dad passed away. Because of what happened.  I discovered we are not alone we are going through, though you may feel as if you are experience this alone; others have experienced this too and have found hope and happiness. Therefore, I found it is my calling to help those who find themselves struggling to help them find their path and to support them in their healing journey. I obtained my Life Coach certification. When I help others, I have found that providing support and tools to people struggling in the bumps in the road of life, this can reduce them from experiencing larger struggles.  My mission is to prevent people from going through the bumps of life alone, and with God’s help they achieve hope and direction for their lives. I returned to studying and obtained my Christian Coaching Certification.  For I believe each person is amazing and the image of God.   I am joyful and wish to inspire others into finding their own self-worth and happiness as I have.

Let me help you work through your own challenges-Together we will make a difference.


Personal Development
Look Design
Personal Branding
Social Improvement
Emotional Indipendence

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My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca

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