What does March make you think about?  Maybe spring and planting a garden, Or St. Patrick’s Day Parades, or Spring Break.  Most of us look forward to warmer temperatures and the snow to be gone, to see the green buds on the trees, birds flying north, the sight of a Robin, and flowers coming up.  Here in Florida we too look for the warmer temperatures to come.  Yet, March is a month that teaches us patience, for those in the north know snow is very possible and dangerous frost to new growth.  For some this is a season of Lent a time to prepare for the risen Lord. This season last 40 days.  That one prepares through fasting, alms giving, and prayer.

March seems to be a time to prepare, yet only action of preparation.  For many of us only preparing and not acting is hard.  The other is the waiting for the results.  If a baker takes the cookies out to soon; they are raw and no good, if the baker lets the cookies stay in to long they burn and are no good.  I believe this is true about a lot of things in life. Even the farmer prepares the soil and then waits to be sure the weather is right to plant.  He then has to wait to see if the seeds sprout and be patient till it is time to harvest the crop.  You have to find the right balance of preparing, patience, and knowing when to act.  That is what a Life Coach can help you with, by helping you discover how to prepare,  realizing it is a time of preparing, patience, or even help you decide that it is time for action.

May March be your time of preparing and patience so that you will be the best version of yourself, ready to act at the right moment.  Don’t forget to include your Higher Power to help you along the way.  If you need a Life Coach just set up an appointment with me.   Discover how important preparing and patience are to the end results and the amount of satisfaction you feel.  May this be your time of growth into the best version of you that you can be at this time.  Remember we are always changing.

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