Are you a Christian that participates in Lent?  What do you receive by participating in Lenten practices?  Have you ever thought about the benefits this practice does for you?  I find that it is interesting the medical field now agrees a once a week fast is good for your digestive system.  By eating only one meal and two snacks for one day of the week, with no meat, helps improve your digestive system.  Brings all the organs involve to be able to digesting the food you eat more efficiently.  By drinking more water and less other kinds of beverages also benefits the digestive system.

What about alms giving?  Almsgiving has an emotional benefit to our bodies.  When we give to someone who is in need of that gift. There is a two way benefit.  We are more joyful when we give to others. Plus, it helps the individual you gave it to. Joy increases our immune system.  Boost our emotional state.

The last of the three is prayer.  Prayer connects one to their Higher Power and for Christians that is God, and Jesus.  Scientist have verify that people in prayer are calmer and have lower blood pressure. We know that when we are stressful our blood pressure increases and makes our hearts work harder, even hurts our immune system.

Have you thought what you will do this Lent?  I would suggest that you take time to pray in the morning (10 minutes at least) and in the evening (10 minutes at least).  If you want to do more add 10 minutes of silence listening to what your Higher Power is saying to you.  On Fridays make it a water only day and the one meal no meat with two snacks.  Then find things you have that you are not using and give them to any of the many organizations that help the poor.  If you gave something each day think how blessed others would be.  Yes, almsgiving is also giving money, food, or items.  Even your time and talents offered for others would count.

I wish all that are doing a Lenten practice that it is the best Lent they ever had.

If you need someone to encourage you along your journey that is what a Life Coach does.  Contact me and I would be glad to walk with you along your journey.

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