Has the Coronavirus got you anxious, unsettled, or Worried?

Today as we watch the number of cases of Coronavirus in the USA increase daily it can be unsettling.  What we should be doing: 1.) caring for yourself; wash your hands, brush your teeth and tongue, exercise, 10-15 minutes of sunshine, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and get rest. Now on to other things that can help, Isolate yourself from contact though CDC is recommending only groups of 10 I would say limit your contact as much as you can. No, hugging, handshaking, and by all means if sick stay home.

    While these measures will reduce your odds to get the virus; there are other things you can do.  Limit your watching of coverage of the Coronavirus, while still staying informed. Find things to be grateful for. Like: Our government doing a good job of slowly asking people to reduce their social contact.  This helped you slowly change your behaviors.  In a relatively in a short amount of time. I know even I didn’t like the changes when they came, yet I know it was to get us prepared for what would come.  We also have had good news out of China and Korea They are not seeing any new cases and their manufacturing is getting back to normal.  Italy has turned a corner with the number of new cases staying at or going down some (Are there new cases yes, are people dying yes.).  Yet, these are positives for you, and you can see that in about 50 days we too will have less new cases and begin to see the USA also getting through this epidemic. The researchers believe that sunshine and above 82 degrees slows the virus down. They also have learned the virus can live in the air for 24 hours and on some surfaces 72 hours. This is why washing your hands is so important. Also they have learned of two types of spread. In 1 the infected person only infects between 1 and 7 people, but in type 2 it is many.  They are now trying to figure out more about this second group (some have said it is a separate strain, but the WHO has not acknowledged this). This second type is what causes the big clusters.

You can do things that boost your immune system like exercise, getting vitamin C (fruits, vegetables, and supplements),having gratitude, doing meditation and getting rest.  Also know that negative thoughts decrease your immune system. If you catch yourself thinking negatively: take some deep breaths, do some exercise, list 10 things you are grateful for, go for a walk alone, read a good book, find Jokes on the web to read, even praying can help. Try to take this time to practice letting go of all the things you can not control in your life, focus on what you can control (you)(you can not control anyone else), and to distinguish the difference.

Take this opportunity of extra hours at home to do all those things you have been putting off; maybe there is a closet that you can clean out, or papers you need to go through, or emails to read and remove so your box has more room, a good time for your hobby of quilting, painting, rug making, jewelry making, sewing, building, board games you can play with your children, play a game of golf by yourself,  read a book, take an on-line class (Hillsdale College offers free ), go fishing by yourself, rearrange your furniture, there are lots of options.

If you are distancing yourself from others, washing your hands frequently (20 seconds), eating, drink lots of water, exercising, and getting rest, it will make you in the best group to be in. Know that nothing last forever.  That this to will past too. If you have a higher power do not forget this powerful tool, turn to your higher power and gain the strength that you need. Lastly, live in the moment you are in right now.

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