Happy New Year! Wow 2020 Is behind us and 2021 here we come!

As this new year begins, take stock in last year.  Yes, 2020 was a year that had many challenges, it also had many wonderful memories.  If only a sunset, or talking with an old friend.  What did you achieve, remember to celebrate it.  What did you leave undone or unfulfilled?  These can help you set your sails for 2021.  What you achieved you maybe able to build on.  What was left unaccomplished can be added to things I want to achieve this year, or decided it wasn’t that important.  Things that caused you to feel unfulfilled is showing you where you may wish to make changes.  All these areas a Life Coach can help you explore and set goals.  As you set goals for 2021 or resolutions remember to make them attenable.  Do they help make your life circle more rounded ( not aware of your life circle contact me)?  Do they help you become the best you can be?  Do they give you peace?  These are the questions you should ask yourself. For the more Yeses to these questions the more successful you will be.   Now you have made a resolution or goal if you are not sure where to begin that is what a #LifeCoach can help you with.  I would be glad to do that just contact me. discoveramazingyou@gmail.com  or through this website

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