Hello, How are you today!  What is Holding You Back?

June is here; This means summer and children out of school and our daily routines are changed.   What are you doing for the summer going on vacation?  This the prefect time to do a self-check in.  Am I living a balanced life.  A Life Coach can help you do this.

From June 5-25  a 25% discount on 3 sessions: (normal 3 sessions are $135)  You will be receiving it for only $101.  While appointments are available.

This is a great deal.  Hurry before all the slots are filled.

please contact me.  321-613-8521

GANDHI said;

“Keep your thoughts positive because   your thoughts become your Words.

Keep your words positive because     your words become your Behavior.

Keep your behavior positive because   your behavior becomes your  Habits.

Keep your habits positive because      your habits become your   Values.

Keep your values positive because     your values become your    Destiny.”

I am so looking forward to having you all join me on this 30 day challenge

If you would like one mailed to you please send me your address.



I offer classes; if interested let me know which classes you would like to attend.  When I have enough for a class I will schedule the class and contact you. The fee for the class is different by the supplies needed.

The classes are;  Discover Amazing You,  Rediscover your financial balance, Gratitude I and II, and Making a Dream Board.

Just go to comments section on this page type in the class your interested in and best way to contact you.

Waiting to hear from you!

Kim Miller 321-613-8521  discoveramazingyou@gmail.com

I plan to begin offering some of these classes soon by zoom. Please let me know in the comment section if that would be something you are interested in.  I would need an email address.       Thank you

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