Can you be friends with a Democrat

Wow!  What a powerful question.  This was asked of me.  Let’s look at this question.  It is asking if you are strong enough in your beliefs to be friends with individuals that have totally different beliefs.  Could you be friends with a terrorist, murder, gang member, an outcast of society and not have them rub off on you, but you rub off on them?

I would say Yes, those who believe in Jesus has an amazing example.  What allowed him to be able to be with who ever and stay true to himself.  One He know his values and what was right and wrong.   We too must know our values and then have the strength or backbone to live by them.  We have become a society where we accept what others accept but does it really fit what we say our values are. (if you need to explore you values a life coach could help.)

Today, society is leading us away from the moral foundation this country began on.  This doesn’t mean we were prefect at the start of this country, but were trying to be a country that respected the dignity of life.  These are slowly fading away.  What should we do?  We need to let our representatives both in congress and those in the White House when they are not holding up our values.  Another is looking at ourselves and seeing our defects and our good qualities.  If you are in a 12 step program this is step 4.  A in-depth focus of ourselves.  Do you notice you putting someone else or group as the fault,  then you are not looking at your part.  How was your action, did you make it worse because of the words you said?  Were you respectful at all times?  Did you follow all the rules?  Did you show kindness and understanding?  Did you blame someone else because of your failures?   Did it happen because you weren’t confident or have self-respect for your self?  Do you realize you can not have an argument if you do not respond to someone else’s statement.  I believe this would give all of us something to work on and as we become better so will society.

Focus; am I living the values I say are important to me?  Do I change for the situation I am in or do I stay true to myself?  This is something a life coach can work with you on. Do I vote for those with integrity, or just my party.  When my political party is not in tune with my values do I let them know it?  When a politician comes up for re-election if I know they are crooked do I still vote for them, or do I vote them out even if it means the other party will get in?  Do I only see the faults of the other guy or do I see the faults of all and speak up?

Can I have a friend that stands for all that I disagree with?  If I am Mother Theresa or Jesus I would say Yes,  they were the same always and gave the same message.  They knew themselves and had total confidence in how they were living.  If you struggle with being true to your values then NO

If you need a guide a life coach is a great place to turn

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