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Struggles we all have them, those things that just causes not to enjoy what is happening. A Life Coach can help you navigate your struggles.  We look at others with out noticing they have things going on in their lives that cause them to struggle too.  You may not know that your best friend is struggling.  It is obvious that many need someone to reach out to.  The rate of suicide, addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating, sex have all increased. What can we do?  The most important thing we can do is listen.  I mean really listen.  The next is smile or give a complement to those who cross your path.  Do random acts of kindness like paying for the person behind you in the drive through food place. Give a fast food gift cards to the needed. Volunteer at a food bank on their food distribution day. Let someone in front of you while driving. Be extra friendly as a driver.  All these little things can help someone get through a day that has many struggles.  I am sure you could think of many more things you can do.  If a transition is what is causing you to struggle, a life coach can help you navigate this.  Many life coaches offer free first session for you to see what it is like and if you feel this would benefit you.  Including me.  All you need to do is to  email me at: or go to book now page.  Do not just sit there if you are struggling talk with someone.  What causes one person to struggle may not be what causes another that is okay. We all have times in our lives that gives us a harder time than other times. That is called life.

If you are a Veteran and are in Crisis call: 1-800-273-8255 then press 1   or you can text 838255

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