Are your fog lights on?

Life is a journey and as we go through it we go through plains, hills, valleys, and mountains always changing. A life coach helps you along your path. If you have a love one or best friend that is addicted it affects you like driving into fog. Fog cloacks everything not just one person or the things that surrounds it. As driving into fog if you turn on your headlights it has an effected but isn’t very helpful to you and the same is true for using your high beam lights, and can actually make the situation worse. Our efforts to change the person addicted is the same. What you need is a tool like your fog lights, (they put the light underneath) and shows you a path to go through the fog. That is what a #LifeCoach does helps you find a path. One thing to remember you didn’t cause the addiction, you can’t cure it, nor can you control it, we can only control ourselves). Like fog just happens and it is how we deal with the situation that makes the difference. So no one should think you wrong or weak or ill to use fog lights and the same is true for using a life coach.

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