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What causes you to struggle

Struggles we all have them, those things that just causes not to enjoy what is happening. A Life Coach can help you navigate your struggles.  We look at others with out noticing they have things going on in their lives that cause them to struggle too.  You may not know that your best friend is struggling.  It is obvious that many need someone to reach out to.  The rate of suicide, addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating, sex have all increased. What can we do?  The most important thing we can do is listen.  I mean really listen.  The next is smile or give a complement to those who cross your path.  Do random acts of kindness like paying for the person behind you in the drive through food place. Give a fast food gift cards to the needed. Volunteer at a food bank on their food distribution day. Let someone in front of you while driving. Be extra friendly as a driver.  All these little things can help someone get through a day that has many struggles.  I am sure you could think of many more things you can do.  If a transition is what is causing you to struggle, a life coach can help you navigate this.  Many life coaches offer free first session for you to see what it is like and if you feel this would benefit you.  Including me.  All you need to do is to  email me at: or go to book now page.  Do not just sit there if you are struggling talk with someone.  What causes one person to struggle may not be what causes another that is okay. We all have times in our lives that gives us a harder time than other times. That is called life.

If you are a Veteran and are in Crisis call: 1-800-273-8255 then press 1   or you can text 838255

Can you be friends with a Democrat

Wow!  What a powerful question.  This was asked of me.  Let’s look at this question.  It is asking if you are strong enough in your beliefs to be friends with individuals that have totally different beliefs.  Could you be friends with a terrorist, murder, gang member, an outcast of society and not have them rub off on you, but you rub off on them?

I would say Yes, those who believe in Jesus has an amazing example.  What allowed him to be able to be with who ever and stay true to himself.  One He know his values and what was right and wrong.   We too must know our values and then have the strength or backbone to live by them.  We have become a society where we accept what others accept but does it really fit what we say our values are. (if you need to explore you values a life coach could help.)

Today, society is leading us away from the moral foundation this country began on.  This doesn’t mean we were prefect at the start of this country, but were trying to be a country that respected the dignity of life.  These are slowly fading away.  What should we do?  We need to let our representatives both in congress and those in the White House when they are not holding up our values.  Another is looking at ourselves and seeing our defects and our good qualities.  If you are in a 12 step program this is step 4.  A in-depth focus of ourselves.  Do you notice you putting someone else or group as the fault,  then you are not looking at your part.  How was your action, did you make it worse because of the words you said?  Were you respectful at all times?  Did you follow all the rules?  Did you show kindness and understanding?  Did you blame someone else because of your failures?   Did it happen because you weren’t confident or have self-respect for your self?  Do you realize you can not have an argument if you do not respond to someone else’s statement.  I believe this would give all of us something to work on and as we become better so will society.

Focus; am I living the values I say are important to me?  Do I change for the situation I am in or do I stay true to myself?  This is something a life coach can work with you on. Do I vote for those with integrity, or just my party.  When my political party is not in tune with my values do I let them know it?  When a politician comes up for re-election if I know they are crooked do I still vote for them, or do I vote them out even if it means the other party will get in?  Do I only see the faults of the other guy or do I see the faults of all and speak up?

Can I have a friend that stands for all that I disagree with?  If I am Mother Theresa or Jesus I would say Yes,  they were the same always and gave the same message.  They knew themselves and had total confidence in how they were living.  If you struggle with being true to your values then NO

If you need a guide a life coach is a great place to turn

Are You ready for the Super Flower Blood Moon?

As May comes to an end and many get ready for Memorial Day,  There is another event happening called the Super Flower Blood Moon.  You will have a better view of this event the further west you live in the USA.  A super moon is when the moon is close to the earth; this gives the look of a big moon.  The blood moon is from a lunar eclipse and the moon moves into the earths shadow.   Flower moon comes from this is the time when many buds blossom.

May you honor all the different names for yourself; Sister, Aunt, Dad, Brother, Nephew, Doctor, Friend, Neighbor, Partner, Driver, Baptist, Catholic, Jew, Student, Client, Boss, or Mr.  They are all you and deserve to be recognized.

Why not celebrate May 24th Super Flower Blood Moon with some friends and try to come up with as many different titles for each and everyone there.  Have fun, be creative and enjoy!!!!   Remember laughter is the best medicine.




How does transition affect you?  We all go through transitions in our lives; from infant, to child, to teenage, to young adult, mid-life, retirement, old age, then there is changing schools, moving, a new jobs, losing your job, to getting married, the lost of a love one or close friend, buying your first home, to divorce, to realizing a habit is destroying your life, injuries, losing your home, and then there are those you initiate like: going to the gym, working on your spirituality, eating healthier.  This past year with COVID there was much transition to our every day life. From being isolated, not seeing other peoples faces, to only shopping in one direction in one isle, to being able to drive up and put the groceries in your car, to working at home, not being able to visit those in the hospital, only a few allowed at funerals, and not being able to travel.   Did this year shed light on an area you would like to find more peace and see where it is headed. Then you may wish to obtain a Life Coach.  Some individuals are less affected by transition and seem like they just ease through.  While others seem to get stuck.

When one fines themselves stuck; this is a good reason to find a Life Coach to help you navigate the transition you are going through. This is different than counseling; a Life Coach is more interested in where you are today and what or where do you want to be in the future.  Instead of all the focus on your past.  Did you know there are different types of life coaches for the different transition you are going through (finical, health, child, teenager, young adult, grief, business) . For me I work with individuals (28-75) that just need help to focus on what is causing them to struggle with life or the transition they are going through now. WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK!  I help you reflect on your life now and what would you like it to be in the future. I also include spiritual reflection to guide us during the process. We are a partner and you are the expert in your life. I am there to help you hear your voice. Of what is going on and what can you do to make it more like you desire. You can book a session right from this website.  Or you can email me;

May you transition through life with a breeze but if you find you are stuck I am here.


“It is when we are in transition that we are most alive.”  William Bridges

“When shifts and transitions in life shake you to the core, see that as a sign of greatness that’s about to occur.”   Anonymous

“Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they change it.”  George Carlin

Did you know May is Mental Health Month

What are you doing for your mental health? Just remember it is okay to ask for help.  There are many things you can do.  My 30 day Gratitude Challenge; (just send me your address) for gratitude can change our attitude.  Have you tried yoga, or meditation, having a day out having your fingernails and toenails done, going in nature- whether a trail, the beach, the mountains, forest, sand dunes, even a walk around your neighborhood,  or even having time with friends, or in a peaceful chapel to pray. Don’t forget to eat well for your bodies health.  If you are struggling I am here to listen and help you discover what you need to gain that calm feeling or help you find the right resource for you.  With COVID we all have had times we struggled with all that has changed.   If you are a friend or relative of someone who is struggling please let them know you are there.  Let them know it is okay to ask for help.  You can invite them to come with you to a session with me if that will help them.


“Don’t take yourself too seriously. Know when to laugh at yourself, and find a way to laugh at obstacles that inevitably present themselves.”  Helen Barry

“A bear walks into a bar and says, “Give me a whiskey and ……. cola.”  Bartender ” Why the big pause?”  The bear shrugged.  ” I’m not sure ; I was born with them.”


Remember; You are Amazing!

Sad! Ever think of the number of people dying of unintentional drug overdose

Today!  As we begin a new month I wanted you to know some sad facts.

One person in the U.S. dies of an unintentional drug overdose every 21 minutes.  Each day 46 people die of an overdose of opioids.  In 2019 70,630 Americans died of drug overdose.  

Are you a friend or relative of someone who is using legal or illegal drugs?  You are the person that could benefit from talking with me as a life coach.

If your co-worker is using drugs or alcohol and you are thinking it is not healthy.  Please let them know your are concern about them.  It is the silence that lets them continue to think it isn’t effecting them or that it doesn’t matter.   By speaking up you may just be the seed that gets them to look for help.  It lets them know someone cares.  Try to present the topic in a friendly caring mater of fact conversation.

May A new month

There is not greater wealth in this World than peace of mind. Helen Berry 

This is so true.  If you are are struggling please give my life coaching a try.  See if you can discover some peace. 

Did you know the Month of May is likely named after the Roman goddess Maria, who oversaw the growth of plants. 

The month is full of celebrations from Cinco de Mayo on the 5, Mother’s day on the 9th, Armed forces Day on the 16th, National Maritime day on the 22nd, Memorial Day on the 31th.  How do you celebrate these different occasions?



April Showers 2021

April Showers bring May flowers.  What are you showering your garden with?  Negativity, Hatred, Gossip, Division, or are you looking for flaws in others?   Or are you focusing on you?  Did you look for the good qualities in each individual that crossed your path?    Do you pay others complements, or see what you are grateful for?  Are you speaking favorably about all you meet?  How about the value others have and do you value the good in them?

Another way to look at this is tossing a pebble into a pond.  Whether you toss the pebble with anger or joy when it comes in contact with the water it causes ripples, those ripples spread out and touch all that is around, even all the way to the banks of the pond. We too have a ripple effect whether it is positive of negative.

Now as you sow what will you shower your garden with?  April showers of encouragement, hope, kindness, forgiveness, and truth.  Think of the beautiful flowers that will bloom this summer.  Look to scripture and the sower, who dropped seeds here and there.  Each came up and grew according to the soil the seed fell on.

Maybe you are the one who prepared the soil, or the one who planted the seed, or the one who watered the seed, or even the one who adds sawdust and coffee grounds to the soil, or removed the weeds, each of these may never see the end results.  Yet, each had an important task for a vibrant flower to bloom. That is you in different roles for each individual you meet.  By helping each that cross your path to be showered with positivity or negativity.  The kind of shower will determine the kind of blooms others will see and appreciate.   Let us all, this April be full of positive showers.

“All of us have special ones who have loved us into being.” Fred Rogers

If you are are struggling with the showers/ ripples you create then contacting a life coach maybe is what you need.   You can connect through the chat button or schedule a session.

Don’t forget to check out the event page.


Spring is about new life, or maybe your New Years resolution needs new life. How can we prepare for the April Showers that are to come?   “I have learned silence from the talkative; tolerance from the unkind.   I should not ungrateful to those teachers.” (Kahlil Gibran: Sand and Foam)

Let the obstacles you have faced this year be your teacher to prepare for the showers to come.

“Silence is the soil for the seed of the Word” Mother Teresa

Do you allow yourself time with silence?  We live in a world of noise take sometime to enjoy the silence.  You may discover something unique, or maybe just what you needed to gain your peace and joy.  Each  day should have some moments of silence.

If you are struggling you may wish to speak to a Life Coach

The Welcome spring

Is a beautiful thing.

Birds on the wing.

All start to sing.

Warm breeze blowing

And daffodils glowing!   (Teacher Created Resources)


What does March make you think about?  Maybe spring and planting a garden, Or St. Patrick’s Day Parades, or Spring Break.  Most of us look forward to warmer temperatures and the snow to be gone, to see the green buds on the trees, birds flying north, the sight of a Robin, and flowers coming up.  Here in Florida we too look for the warmer temperatures to come.  Yet, March is a month that teaches us patience, for those in the north know snow is very possible and dangerous frost to new growth.  For some this is a season of Lent a time to prepare for the risen Lord. This season last 40 days.  That one prepares through fasting, alms giving, and prayer.

March seems to be a time to prepare, yet only action of preparation.  For many of us only preparing and not acting is hard.  The other is the waiting for the results.  If a baker takes the cookies out to soon; they are raw and no good, if the baker lets the cookies stay in to long they burn and are no good.  I believe this is true about a lot of things in life. Even the farmer prepares the soil and then waits to be sure the weather is right to plant.  He then has to wait to see if the seeds sprout and be patient till it is time to harvest the crop.  You have to find the right balance of preparing, patience, and knowing when to act.  That is what a Life Coach can help you with, by helping you discover how to prepare,  realizing it is a time of preparing, patience, or even help you decide that it is time for action.

May March be your time of preparing and patience so that you will be the best version of yourself, ready to act at the right moment.  Don’t forget to include your Higher Power to help you along the way.  If you need a Life Coach just set up an appointment with me.   Discover how important preparing and patience are to the end results and the amount of satisfaction you feel.  May this be your time of growth into the best version of you that you can be at this time.  Remember we are always changing.

Also check my event page to see what is happening.

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