Are You ready for the Super Flower Blood Moon?

As May comes to an end and many get ready for Memorial Day,  There is another event happening called the Super Flower Blood Moon.  You will have a better view of this event the further west you live in the USA.  A super moon is when the moon is close to the earth; this gives the look of a big moon.  The blood moon is from a lunar eclipse and the moon moves into the earths shadow.   Flower moon comes from this is the time when many buds blossom.

May you honor all the different names for yourself; Sister, Aunt, Dad, Brother, Nephew, Doctor, Friend, Neighbor, Partner, Driver, Baptist, Catholic, Jew, Student, Client, Boss, or Mr.  They are all you and deserve to be recognized.

Why not celebrate May 24th Super Flower Blood Moon with some friends and try to come up with as many different titles for each and everyone there.  Have fun, be creative and enjoy!!!!   Remember laughter is the best medicine.



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