April Showers 2021

April Showers bring May flowers.  What are you showering your garden with?  Negativity, Hatred, Gossip, Division, or are you looking for flaws in others?   Or are you focusing on you?  Did you look for the good qualities in each individual that crossed your path?    Do you pay others complements, or see what you are grateful for?  Are you speaking favorably about all you meet?  How about the value others have and do you value the good in them?

Another way to look at this is tossing a pebble into a pond.  Whether you toss the pebble with anger or joy when it comes in contact with the water it causes ripples, those ripples spread out and touch all that is around, even all the way to the banks of the pond. We too have a ripple effect whether it is positive of negative.

Now as you sow what will you shower your garden with?  April showers of encouragement, hope, kindness, forgiveness, and truth.  Think of the beautiful flowers that will bloom this summer.  Look to scripture and the sower, who dropped seeds here and there.  Each came up and grew according to the soil the seed fell on.

Maybe you are the one who prepared the soil, or the one who planted the seed, or the one who watered the seed, or even the one who adds sawdust and coffee grounds to the soil, or removed the weeds, each of these may never see the end results.  Yet, each had an important task for a vibrant flower to bloom. That is you in different roles for each individual you meet.  By helping each that cross your path to be showered with positivity or negativity.  The kind of shower will determine the kind of blooms others will see and appreciate.   Let us all, this April be full of positive showers.

“All of us have special ones who have loved us into being.” Fred Rogers

If you are are struggling with the showers/ ripples you create then contacting a life coach maybe is what you need.   You can connect through the chat button or schedule a session.

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