Affects of our body

Written by on December 23, 2021

Have you ever considered the effect of joy on your body?  According to Dr. Samual there are affects to many parts of our body.  Let’s look at the brain first. The Frontal Lobe (is our control panel of the brain), it monitors your emotions.  The Thalamus (information center that regulates consciousness) how your emotional responses are executed.  When we experience Joy our brains release dopamine and serotonin these chemicals are associated with happiness.  Joy even affects your circulatory system. Dr Samual stated “Butterflies in your stomach, change in facial expressions, and the temperature of your finger changes with your emotions.” We also can have Autonomic System affects.  These are your breathing, digestion, pupil dilation. Joy also affects your smooth muscles these you can find in your stomach, intestine- movement of food through your digestive track, bladder even the flow of blood.  According to Dr. Samual your can trick your body by smiling whether or not you are feeling happy at the time. To have some of the positive benefits of Joy.  What are these benefits? The benefits of Joy are: Promote healthy life style, boost the immune system, fight stress and pain, supports longevity, increases the desire to connect to your Higher Power (God), and having Joy increases your happiness.

All you who would like to increase your Joy I have just the thing; 30 day Joy Challenge.  Just email me your mailing address or ask for the challenge to be sent to your email address that you include.

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