10 Tips for relaxation

10 tips for relaxation

There are lots of ways to relax. Though what works for you one time may need a variation or something different. That is normal. 1. Deep Breathing (Take a deep breath in and pause and then exhale slowly). Now it can take 3 to 9 Deep Breaths for you to notice a change. Or you can just focus on your breathing. 2. Visualization (close your eyes and picture yourself at a place you enjoy [The beach, mountains, lakes, in a boat, or on a plane] and just think about the sights, sounds, smells, the air, and the atmosphere). 3. Meditation (Sit with your back straight and breath through your mouth and exhale out your nose slowly. Say a Mantra (one word or short phrase). Or focus on a candle light. What ever works to switch your mind on things going around in your mind. If you are struggling that is okay, don’t let it frustrate you, just go back to taking slow breaths and try again). 4. Ta Chi (The focus of the Yin and Yang) that helps with balance. You move from the waist, perform slow movements with deep breathing. Doing them at your pace while stretching your body. 5. Yoga 6. Music or Art. 7. Biofeedback Therapy Where you learn to control different muscles in the body. 8. Aromatherapy (uses essential oils that you breath or put on your skin). 9. Hydrotherapy (uses water that is hot or cold, like a footbath, spa, or bubble bath). 10. Read or an activity you enjoy. If you are struggling then a #LifeCoach maybe beneficial for you. They are able to talk you through Deep Breathing, Visualization and find other avenues you may want to try.


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